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did you know?
A new way to have sex

A company on Indiegogo claims to have found a new era in sex. They invented the Balldo, a device that you put on your (or your balls) to have penetrative sex using your balls "unleashing a pleasure that you never had before"... They even put an informative video about it on youtube. It's still in development, according to the video they have 100 prototypes made and tested, so they're looking for backers. They have been testing for 3 years. It must be a wonderful product if it puts your mind off getting a product finished for 3 years. We're looking for the videos of when the Balldo tests failed, but our guess is they won't appear on youtube.

We're looking forward to seeing the first 'real' videos appear. We'll make sure they'll get posted on thehun as soon as we find 'em! Happy Hunning!


The Hun TUBE

We teamed up with a lot of producers and paysite owners to be able to bring you a peek inside their members' area. No short clips or teasers, but full scenes you would otherwise only find locked behind a paysite. Why? 'cause they are confident showing what you can expect to see in their members' area might get you excited enough to try 'em out! Have fun with these videos... there are more to come!!!!


See the rest of the videos at tube.thehun.net!

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