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Porn Collection

David Werking from Grand Haven, Michigan was a vivid collector of porn. When he moved away from his parent's house in 2017 he asked his parents to ship his belongings after him to his new place. When the shipment arrived and David was looking forward to being reunited with this collection he found it missing from his stuff...

His parents threw it away. They were shocked by the huge collection their son collected. In the past they warned David they would destroy pornography if they would ever find it in their house. When the parents were packing everything to ship to David's new location they found 12 boxes packed with pornography and 2 boxes of toys. Destroying it took them quite some time (maybe cause they had to make sure every page had porn..).

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We teamed up with a lot of producers and paysite owners to be able to bring you a peek inside their members' area. No short clips or teasers, but full scenes you would otherwise only find locked behind a paysite. Why? 'cause they are confident showing what you can expect to see in their members' area might get you excited enough to try 'em out! Have fun with these videos... there are more to come!!!!

12:17 Japanese

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