Pop-up advertising on The Hun? Never! But your computer might be infected! Read on to learn more...

Have you been seeing pop-up windows on The Hun recently? These are not coming from The Hun, but from software called "spyware" or "adware", that has been installed on your computer without your permission or knowledge! The companies that install this shit are the scum of the Internet! They are stealing traffic from large, popular web sites, and making your surfing experience a nightmare. The following documentation will teach you how to detect and disable this adware.

The best way to disable this adware is to download a free piece of software called BHO Cop. BHO stands for Browser Helper Object (yeah helper my ass!). You can download BHO Cop from the following ftp link:


If that doesn't work visit download.com here. Or download from zdnet.com here. For some detailed documentation of BHO Cop check out the following zdnet article.

Once you've downloaded bhocop.zip you will have to unzip it. If you don't have an unzip program download one here. Once you've unzipped bhocop.zip run the setup.exe file. This will install BHO Cop on your system.

Next, you need to run BHO Cop. Click on the Start menu > Programs > BHO Cop. Or, go to the following directory C:\Program Files\BHOCop and run BHOCop.exe. You should see something like the following:

If you see a similar "Transponder Class" in the BHO Name field, you have the same adware as I do (did). This is a very rude adware that will pop-up windows whenever you visit your favorite sites, such as thehun.net. To disable this BHO, click on the check box to the left of the BHO name. After you click on exit you will need to close all Internet Explorer windows, then restart Internet Explorer in order for the changes to take effect.

As you can see above, the only BHO on my system is the "Transponder Class". Your system might have many more. Some of them might not be adware, but very useful tools that enhance IE. You might want to disable all of them at first, or the ones that you are suspicious of. Then restart IE and see if everything works as normal. Then you can enable them one by one in order to discover the ones that are giving you pop-ups.

If you'd like to learn more about adware/spyware, check out this very helpful site that I just found via Google http://www.cexx.org/adware.htm. Another great piece of free software is Ad-Aware (although it doesn't detect Transponder yet), download it here http://www.lavasoftusa.com/. I also highly recommend the following firewall software called ZoneAlarm. A freeware version of ZoneAlarm can be found here, or you can buy the Pro version which has extra features.

One last note, go to Internet Explorer and click on Tools > Internet Options... Select the Security tab and click on Custom Level... Make sure that it is at least set to Medium and that the first option called "Download signed ActiveX controls" is set to Prompt. Then be very careful about which ActiveX component you install from the web.

I hope that this helps some of you fix these mystery pop-ups. I was very surprised when I received pop-ups from The Hun. I know that the owner of The Hun respects his surfer a lot, and would never use such pop-ups.

Have fun,
Hypnos ;-)