Masturbation Techniques

With so many people visiting the The Hun's Yellow Pages over the years we heard some wild and interesting masturbation confessions. We decided to collect some of the confessions we found over the years. Who knows, you might like reading them or you might even learn a new trick or two!

Do you have your own masturbation technique you want to anonymously want to share with the world, please don't hesitate to submit your confession!


female / stuffed animal

pooh lover

I take my Winnie the Pooh bear and stick its nose up my pussy, and since its nose wiggles, it feels like he's eating me!

on the nose

Grab a teddy bear or other stuffed animal with a plastic nose and get down on your hands and knees. Position the nose of the teddy bear on your clit and rock back and forth slowly build up speed. I can say from experience this feels amazing.

soft and cuddly

Pillows and stuffed animals are fun! I wear a pair of silky black nylons and a skirted blue swim suit, then either hump the stuffed animal or pillows and watch myself in my closet mirrors. This gets me really excited....not that it takes much.

any which way

I love to do it any way...with my fingers, etc. My favorite way is to get completely naked and lie on my bed with my favorite teddy bear and rub it up and down on my pussy. It feels so good and if I do it for at least 5 minutes then I cum extra long.


I just love straddling a huge teddy bear. The soft touch tickles your clit and the orgasm is so intense it makes me go all stiff and start shaking. Try it!

confess your own!


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