Masturbation Techniques

With so many people visiting the The Hun's Yellow Pages over the years we heard some wild and interesting masturbation confessions. We decided to collect some of the confessions we found over the years. Who knows, you might like reading them or you might even learn a new trick or two!

Do you have your own masturbation technique you want to anonymously want to share with the world, please don't hesitate to submit your confession!


male / banana

Anal banana

I love ass play in many different ways, I love taking green bananas, peeling them and shoving them in my ass, they break but I keep shoving until I get 2 or 3 in, my cock is so hard while I'm doing this I eat my pre-cum, then I leave the bananas in the for awhile, then I go about my doing my thing for about an hour or so,then I'll start jerking off and thinking of the bananas in my ass, when I'm ready to explode, I sit on the toilet and blow out the bananas out and eat all of my cum....

faux pussy

I cut the end off a banana, put tape all around the banana, squeeze out all the fruit, and shove my dick in the open peel. It really feels like a pussy.

going bananas

Here you go. This is a great way to get off. Go to the store and buy the biggest green banana you can find. Cut about 2 inches off one end. Carefully, with a long spoon, scoop out all the inside fruit. Now, once you've cleaned it out, put some warm water in the banana. OK, drain the water out. (An average size cock is no problem with this, but if you are big you're going to blow the banana apart.) Now make a small hole at the bottom of the banana (this is to release the vacuum). Carefully insert your cock into the warm banana. The sensation is just fantastic! Jack until you're happy.


I stick a warm banana peel on my cock and fuck away. Then I eat the cum out of the banana peel.


I get a banana and take the insides out. I then insert my cock inside the banana and go for it. It feels so great!

confess your own!


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